Biochronomer Technology

Heron Therapeutics has made significant investments in the development of its bioerodible drug delivery technologies, which have produced tangible results. Specifically, the Company has developed a broad family of polymers with unique attributes, known collectively as poly(ortho esters), under the trade name Biochronomer. This technology has been specifically designed for use in drug delivery applications with a number of technical advantages, such as ease of manufacturing, flexible delivery times, various physical forms and multiple potential applications due to a neutral pH environment for acid sensitive actives (nucleic acids, proteins, etc.).

Pursuant to the versatility of the Company's Biochronomer technology, products can be designed to deliver drugs at a variety of injection sites. The Biochronomer technology can provide sustained levels of drugs in systemic circulation for prolonged efficacy.

Multiple Potential Applications

Heron Therapeutics has completed over 100 in vivo and in vitro studies demonstrating that its Biochronomer technology is potentially applicable to a range of therapeutic areas, including pain management, prevention of nausea, control of inflammation and treatment of ophthalmic diseases. The Company has also completed comprehensive animal and human toxicology studies that have established that its Biochronomer polymers are well tolerated.